Future Fauna is a Role-Playing Video Game

In the future, where dogs and other animals rule the Earth, YOU; the only human, must settle the conflicts between the different species and their kingdoms in order to prevent the entire world from being destroyed in all out war, and to return home to your time. Conquer foes through ViOLEnT, PEACEFUL... or OTHER means. An evil plot runs on in the background as you test your skills in battle, solve challenging puzzles, and meet fun and unique characters that come to life. Your actions hold pivotal consequences that affect both the story and ending of the game. Keep in mind, things aren't all as they seem...

Check the image names.

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Meet interesting characters!

(...plus many many more characters not shown)

Explore large towns bustling with life!

(no need to knock!)

Do tasks for the villagers and grow and evolve relationships with them, it can even change the outcome of the game!

(be careful, they're needy)

Solve Puzzles!

Fight unique enemies! Never encounter the same one twice!

Enemies will chase you down, you can either try to run away or face them in a Psychonautic-Turnbased battle. Each party member in your team has their own unique special attack called a PSY. Combo enemies devistatingly with your PSY attack or quickly pacify them with specialized TK attacks. Choose to destroy or spare every enemy, Bosses included!

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